31 janvier 2008

Galactic Station Omega 138


Some ideas for a Final Frontier incarnation of Deep Space Nine or Babylon V

  • Omega 138 is a former fish processing plant orbiting Haligonia (a cold ocean planet home to a race of warlike sharkmen)
  • The sector is as the specialists say, in their technical lingo, in the middle of nowhere
  • Due to recent borders variations, Haligonia suddenly became the intersection of the UWA, Ralthahix Confederation and Telk Principle borders.
  • Well aware of the newfound  strategic value of the planet, the Galactic Rangers stroke a deal with the Haligonians to make the old factory a diplomatic outpost.
  • In the pilot of this Omega 138 spin-off of Final Frontier our heroes arrive of the station, still under renovation and stinking rotten fish, to assume its command together with their colleagues of the Haligonian Maritime Gendarmery (as part of the deal, the leadership of the station is to be shared between the UWA and Haligonia)
  • A few hours later, the Ralthahix and Telk diplomatic missions arrive
  • While all those people are settling, the sensors of the station pick up a forming continuic resoning protonic singularity that, after 90 minutes of action, mystery and diplomacy, will turn out to be a gateway to the Zero Continuum...

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Commentaires sur Galactic Station Omega 138

    I really don't like Final Frontier in any of its aspects (satire and parody overdoses can quickly prove lethal).
    Sure, it has great ease of play and the streamlined gaming engine is very sleek and elegant, but this very simplicity makes it unpalatably bland to me.
    That being said, you have a great SFRPG scenario/campaign in the offing there, or maybe even a LARP scenario.

    Posté par CDR Franssen, 01 février 2008 à 07:12 | | Répondre
  • Great visual,

    by the way.

    Posté par CDR Franssen, 01 février 2008 à 07:14 | | Répondre
  • A LARP! Let me think...

    Galactic Station Chi 153, a most remote meteorological station of the UWA (former ore processing facility, the UWA buys all its stations second hand) where the Rangers send their less promising members for them to get some experience... Gathered on the bridge are the Medor, the Gorichian captain of the station; Ivy, the planterous sylvean security officer; Tac the binarian science officer; Mrs Clock, the sententious Megarian engineer; Xavier, the incredibly shy but geneticaly modified Galactic Academy cadet who's actually working for secret intelligence Section X and Ka, the Lizard like Telk ambassador visiting the station. They are gathered around the body of Tic, the (former) binarian medical officer and twin brother of Tac, assasinated by a protonic (your mother) modulated disintegrator shot in the back. Just before the generic start, two Zorganian commandos teleport on the station and start to threaten the UWA crew with their nuclear induction phase stuners... Fade to black and... Music!

    Posté par Hans, 01 février 2008 à 21:22 | | Répondre
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