06 mars 2008

THS - The Hans Space (working name)

Some raw idea, in bulk: European Federal Agencies:European Defence Forces (EDF, 'The Forces')The Ground Forces are made up of loose specialized units, ranging from platoon to bataillon size depending on arm and grouped together in Bases for administrative, training and support purposes but deployed in reinforced brigade sized mission tailored Task ForcesThe infantry is of two types:Baselines humans acting as Light Armored  Infantry and suitable for most types of non conventional missions (including security, counter... [Lire la suite]
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04 mars 2008

European Defense Force Officers Ranks

Officers Ranks for the European Defense Forces of a little defined and entierly hypothetic campaign set in the Solar System and inspired by Traveller, Transhuman Space, Jovian Chronicles and Solsys, the Solar System Encyclopedia (a French indie hard-science game)...
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