31 janvier 2008

Galactic Station Omega 138

Some ideas for a Final Frontier incarnation of Deep Space Nine or Babylon V Omega 138 is a former fish processing plant orbiting Haligonia (a cold ocean planet home to a race of warlike sharkmen) The sector is as the specialists say, in their technical lingo, in the middle of nowhere Due to recent borders variations, Haligonia suddenly became the intersection of the UWA, Ralthahix Confederation and Telk Principle borders. Well aware of the newfound  strategic value of the planet, the Galactic Rangers stroke a deal... [Lire la suite]
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31 janvier 2008

Galactic Messengers

This service, similar but independent from the Rangers, handles rapid distribution of sensitive information or packages trough the UWA...
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28 janvier 2008

A.E.S. Jacques Chirac

Crest of the A.E.S. Jacques Chirac, named after the French politician, man of peace, ambassador of the anti-apartheid movement, defender of the poor; he mysteriously disapeared in South Africa at the end of his last mandate.
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28 janvier 2008

A.E.S. Tintin

Crest of the A.E.S (Appareil d'Exploration Spatiale, i.e. Space Exploration Craft) Tintin, named after the famous Belgian fictional adventurer and journalist; this is a fairly recent craft as only the vanishing of planet Earth, and subsequently of the Moulinsart lobby, allowed the A.M.U (Alliance des Mondes Unis, i.e. United Worlds Alliance) to name a craft after the comic hero without ruining itself with royalties.
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27 janvier 2008

Galactic Rangers

This is non-Traveller material! Final Frontier (French) is a French indie game  set in a parodic version of Star Trek... The players are the (intrepid) men, women and assorted aliens of a Galactic Explorer. The "Character Classes" are Captain, Pilot, Security Officer, Engineering Officer, Science Officer, Medical Officer and Academy Cadet. They were colored pyjamas : green for the "line branch" (captain & pilot), red for the security personnel, blue for the medical & science guys and yellow for... [Lire la suite]
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12 janvier 2008

Zhodani Rank Cylinders

A comment of CDR Franssen (going more or less along those lines: "maybe the Zhos don't wear ranks at all, like prior 1955 PLA; officers recognizing themselves by wearing a pen sticking out their pocket") made me think of rank cylinders worn by IN officers in Star Wars. What about the Zhodani wearing some kind of personal 'psy transponder' broadcasting their rank to any psy around (i.e. every officer)?They would be using a technology called psy-tags (inspired by the psy-switches described in GT:AR1). Psy-tags would be... [Lire la suite]
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11 janvier 2008

My first take at Zhodani ranks...

Caution! This is a prototype, an alpha version, work in progress... Whatever you call it, know that this isn't definitive as I'm not entirely happy with them myself... That's also why they're black, gray and white: I haven't set for a given color scheme yet! The rationae behind the drawings: Some informations I gathered about the Zhodani military: If their ranks name is of any indication, the Zhos have a traditional clear cut between enlisteds ('protl' suffix) and officers ('stibr' suffix). Given the casted nature of... [Lire la suite]
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11 janvier 2008

Meet the Flammarions

Caution: this post might contain real world information! Nicolas Camille Flammarion (February 26, 1842 – June 3, 1925) was a French astronomer and author. He was usually credited as Camille Flammarion. The woman behind the great man: his second wife, Gabrielle Renaudot-Flammarion (1876 –October 31, 1962) was also an astronomer. She worked at the observatory at Juvisy-sur-Orge, France, and was General Secretary of the Société Astronomique de France. Camille's brother, Ernest Flammarion (1846-1936) founder of the... [Lire la suite]
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11 janvier 2008

Real world crest of the Flammarion family

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11 janvier 2008

Gendarmerie Marquisale de Flammarion/ Flammarion Marquisal Gendarmerie

Officers ranks for the GMF/FMG, an oversized company of military police serving as both the Marquise de Flammarion huscarles and one of Flammarion law enforment agencies. Sous-lieutenant, lieutenant, capitaine,commandant, lieutenant-colonel et colonel.
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